First Chord offers 45 and 30 minute lessons. As a rough guide 45 minutes is generally an ideal amount of time for young people over 12 and adults. This length of lesson allows appropriate time for reflection on practice, music listening, developing ongoing pieces and working on something new. For younger kids under 12 however we generally recommend 30 minutes lessons. This isn’t always the case and it’s something we can have a chat about in the free trial lesson. We do also offer hour lessons, these can be great if you are either intermediate to advance player and wants to dig a little deeper each lesson. Prices are as follows:

One to one lessons

1 hour – £28.00 ( works out at £112 per moth)

45 mins – £22.50 (works out at £90 per month)

30mins – £17.00 (works out at £68 per month)

Group lessons

45 min – 12.50 (per person, maxium of 4 in a group)

Larger group prices can vary.

Lessons are charged by direct debit monthly based on 48 lessons over a year (12 months of 4 lessons) this means there are 4 weeks off that can be worked out over the year (52 weeks) between tutors and students. In most cases these weeks will be over the Christmas and Easter holidays.