Our Tutors

Finn Le Marinel (Guitar)

Finn is our Guitar tutor, he has over 10 years of experience teaching one to one lessons as well as groups. He has worked extensively teaching music in schools through the Youth Music Initiative. He has a passion for improving mental health and well-being and has ran a popular guitar group for a number of years with these goals for Mental Health Charity Theatre Nemo. Finn is a established song-writer in his own right and has recorded and released a number of records and toured performing shows around the UK. In terms of teaching style Finn aims to develop his students into rounded musicians. This may include working through grades (generally following the Trinity and Rockshool Syllabuses) as well developing general technique, music theory, composition and listening skills.

Tony Young (Piano/Voice)

Coming from a line of musicians, Tony learnt piano from an early age and began teaching while he was at school, where he achieved a Merit in his Grade 8 just before his A Levels at 17. Tony achieved a degree in Biology from Oxford whilst also writing and performing in original Musical Theatre Productions at University there. He went on to do a Masters in Community Education at Moray House, Edinburgh. In the last few years he has specialised in tutoring Piano and, this year, now also offers tuition in Voice and Song-writing. In his Piano lessons, Tony teaches first the fundamentals of note recognition (reading music), hand exercises (scales) and learning to feel comfortable with the keyboard, by getting the student to create sound studies using the whole keyboard. This is then built upon by a progression of understanding the basics and beginning to read the notes and start fairly soon (after the first 5 weeks) on pieces that are simple arrangements of recognised melodies in the genre that the student is interested in, to maintain their enthusiasm for learning. For his voice lessons the student begins learning diaphragmatic breathing techniques and voice toning exercises as well as simple physical movements and techniques that help to relax the jaw and facial muscles. He then supports the student’s confidence in vocal expression within the genre/s they are interested in, by learning songs appropriate to their vocal range and interests. Tony also leads the First Chorus Choir, based at our West End Music Studio at CC Music in Otago Street. Tony is also a experienced composer and is often able to incorporate this aspect of learning into his lessons too, should the student wish to express themselves creatively. This works by taking the student’s ideas and helping them structure themes and melodies into a song using voice or piano/keyboard. This can be combined as part of the piano or vocal lessons.

Kerry Lynch (Piano/Flute/Guitar)

Kerry’s musical education began when she was accepted into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Juniors’ (RCS Juniors’) when she was just 12-years old. During this time Kerry began to develop a foundation in music with direction from some of the country’s most inspirational musicians. Since leaving the Juniors’ Kerry has advanced her education at both the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), and the University of Glasgow. 

In recent years Kerry’s secondary focus has been fixed on Music Therapy, in particular, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Alexander Technique. Kerry has centred her knowledge of Music Therapy within the core of her Methodology as a tutor, and as a performer. She aims to pass on these techniques to her students, nurturing in them the tools that they need to overcome challenges and to connect fully with their instruments and the experience of playing them.

Currently, Kerry enjoys working with her musical partners in two dynamic Glasgow based duos: ‘Floboe’ (Flute and Oboe) and the ‘JKL Duo’ (Flute and Guitar). These duos allow Kerry to play a diverse repertoire, which pushes boundaries; exhibiting Kerry’s technical capability for the flute, showcasing her talents in many different forms. From her involvement with both these Duo’s Kerry gets so much enjoy traveling around the world doing what she loves!

Presently, Kerry has begun work on a new and exhilarating project in collaboration with both the Scottish Ballet and the Citizen M Hotel – Floboe, armed with a newly arranged version of Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring,’ will premiere an audio-visual composition that is aimed to showcase the Citizen M Hotel. Kerry will also spend the summer traveling across Europe with the JKL, performing a repertoire that is closely associated with the South American/Tango style. 

Kerry tutors’ students in Flute, Classical Guitar, Piano and, the Ukulele, aimed at all ages and abilities.

Kerry’s rational approach to teaching, which is balanced by her holistic approach and her love of music, and this is what sets her apart as a music tutor; her focus is on the needs of each student, both mentally, and physically; making for fantastic results come exam time.

Laura Browne

English guitarist Laura Browne graduated from the Royal Conservatoire in 2019 with a masters of performance in Classical guitar. Laura’s vast career so far includes performances at the Royal Concert Hall (Glasgow), Assembly Rooms (Bath), and The City Halls (Glasgow). Laura is the director of the RCS Guitar Orchestra “Minis” (the only guitar orchestra in Scotland), is a part time lecturer at the RCS Junior Conservatoire, and has taught at The Academy of Music and Sound (Glasgow). As an electric guitarist Laura enjoys playing in pit bands and in 2019 played in Legally Blond at the Assembly Rooms as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Dominykas Snarski (Drums)

Dominykas Snarskis is an exceptional and award winning drummer born in Vilnius, Lithuania. He currently studies jazz drumming at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has won several awards for his exceptional drumming including 3rd place and the special prize for ‘The Most Percussive Performance’ in the international drum competition ‘Drum Day 2018’. He first encountered music when listening to the Jimi Hendrix tapes in his father’s car, and since then he has never looked back. Since the age of 14, he has been involved in many fantastic and unique musical activities, from creating theatre music for Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, to playing concerts in a war-base, or popping up with an orchestra at a homeless shelter. He has recorded many studio records, as well as toured throughout the Europe (UK, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Estonia). He has a 10-year experience of playing wide range of styles, whether it is pop, jazz, rock or classical music. Same as in life, in the music classes Dominykas seeks to inspire his students. The lessons start with a good set up of a posture and physical movements. In the first weeks it is important to lay down the basis of drumming, which are the essential rudiments and snare drum techniques. After a few sessions, students get to taste different styles of music and reading the notes, especially exploring the genres they are most interested in. Drums are essentially communicative instrument, so the lessons are engaging with ensemble playing – percussion duets or collective improvisations along the entrancing rhythms.